Austin: Beer Cocktails

From time to time it is nice to have something other than a pint. Cocktails come in pretty glassware with lovely garnishes and generally pack more alcohol per glass. Craft cocktails and craft beer have collided in a fantastic way with craft beer cocktails. From movie theatres to dirty sixth, beer cocktails are making an appearance in the Austin bar scene. Check out some fantastic bars that are serving up great craft beer cocktails.

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is known for its great (generally non-local) beer selection and beer garden. They have great pastries, german food and pretzels with beer cheese. Located just off “dirty sixth” it is a great escape from the miller high life that is prevalent down the street.

The “Tiger’s Blood” Cocktail made with Aperol, Dimmi Liquore, muddled limes and Fireman’s #4.

photo (75)

Whip In

If you haven’t heard about Whip In yet, get off your ass and get there now. Part bottle shop, bar and brewpub, this Austin beer institution has added beer concoctions to their menu. Their lack of liquor license limits their cocktails to beer mixing but these ain’t your classic black and tan. With names like “Say Gurl!” and Hey Toots!” these cocktails have a new take on beer concoctions. Naturally their menu changes with the beers they have available. (R.I.P. Einhorn, until next year).

photo (76)

Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline: Glass Half Full Tap Room

Merely weeks old, this taproom has already made itself a craft beer cocktail destination. To see the a list of cocktails SEE HERE. Already connected to an Alamo drafthouse, only the greatest movie theatre concept in the world, this bar allows you to hangout and have a cold one or take it with you into your movie. They have a range of craft beer cocktails, beer concoctions and classic cocktails, all delicious.

El Rascal: Reposado Tequila, Fresh Orange, White Rascal Reduction, Salt, Orange Bitters, Soda

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.42.09 PM

Black Star Co-op

Austin’s first member-owned brewpub has been brewing great beer and serving up delicious locally sourced Texas pub food for the last three years. In addition to its “rational” and “irrational” beers, Blackstar Co-op debuted its new beer cocktail menu during last month’s event for Austin Pets Alive!

Photo of the cocktail menu from the Austin Pets Alive! event. (Courtesy of Black Star Co-op’s Facebook)


Brew Exchange

If you are looking for craft beer cocktails on west sixth street, look no further than Brew Exchange. Nestled down the street from Whole Foods, this bars concept is similar to the stock exchange. The more people buy a certain beer, the pricier it gets. Their whole philosophy is getting people to explore new brews. With a great tap wall and a full bar at their disposal, Brew Exchange has added a craft beer cocktail menu.

The Steam Roller: Santo Brown Ale, Woodford Reserve, St. Germaine Cherry Heering, Lemon (photo by Reagan Hackleman)



Unlike the traditional beer cocktails listed above, Handlebar serves Boiler Makers which consist of various shots dropped into various beers. With names like “Einstein,” “Selleck,” and “Moustache Ride,” these not only fit within the facial hair theme of the bar but are also likely to put hair on your chest, whether you want it to or not.

(Courtesy of Handlebar’s Facebook)


Next time you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail try some of these great craft beer cocktails. The marriage of beer and liquor (or other beer) is delicious and these bars have shown that craft beer or craft beer cocktails, Austin knows how to make a good ‘n stiff one.



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