Bitch Beer’s Academy Awards Drinking Game

MerylStreepABWAs far as award season goes, the Academy Awards are essentially the Super Bowl. And, like the Super Bowl, they are also an excellent excuse to invite friends over to sit around eating and drinking while yelling at the TV.

Speaking of drinking, what better way to celebrate all the pomp and circumstance on the most auspicious of Hollywood occasions than with a good ol’ fashioned drinkin’ game….

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Academy, you know the drill.

Drink if….

  • Someone thanks the Weinstein Brothers
  • Seth MacFarlane sings
  • The orchestra plays someone off when their acceptance speech is running long
  • An aging Hollywood legend needs help making it on or off the stage
  • A star presenting an award is announced as starring in an upcoming movie you’ve never head of
  • Quvenzhané Wallis is carrying a purse shaped like a puppy
  • Ryan Seacrest declares a new red carpet trend
  • Someone brings a family member as their date
  • Adele wears her hair in a bun
  • Someone accepts an award on the actor’s behalf
  • A presentee fumbles their lines from the teleprompter
  • You see a washed up, B-list celebrity and wonder aloud “Who invited you?” (Carmen Electra, why were you at the SAG awards?)
  • Someone mentions the Ben Affleck or Kathryn Bigelow “Best Director” nominee snubs
  • Something besides Amour wins best foreign language film
  • The ceremony runs long


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