Colorado Brewery Spotlight: Avery, Renegade, Hogshead & Prost

It’s been exactly a month since we left the great state of Colorado and with it some fabulous beers that we just can’t get in Texas. While we were in Colorado we got the honor of visiting 4 of its 150+ breweries. We’ve all been suffering withdrawals from the mountains and abundance of beer. In honor of a month away from the Centennial State here’s a quick look back at some of the fabulous places we went. They are places you should definitely look up on any beer-cursion to Colorado.

Avery Brewing: Opened in 1993, Avery is the product of a father/son team who believe in making good beer. Avery is widely known for their White Rascal, which took the silver medal at this years GABF in the Belgian-Style Witbier category. Avery has a great, albiet small tap room and works with a nearby catering place to offer up delicious food options. One of the highlights of the trip to Avery was the “hair of the dog” brunch and beer-mosas (made with OJ & Avery White Rascal). Avery is a little difficult to locate because it has basically taken over a strip mall. The search is worth it for the experimental taps of which some are exclusive to the Avery tap room.

Renegade Brewing Company:

Renegade Brewing Company was founded in the summer of 2011 and recently began canning their flagship beer “Ryeteous.” Nestled in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, this brewery has a neighborhood vibe that sets it apart. The bold colors of the tap room reflect the bold flavors in their beers. Ryeteous is a Rye IPA packs a lot of flavor but it is not the only “offensively delicious” beer they make. Renegade currently has both a pumpkin porter and a Poblano Ale on tap, both of which we sadly missed out on. We can of course vouch for the Ryeteous and Elevation IPAs! With their neighborhood feel and chilled out atmosphere we are longing for the October breeze and flavorful brews.

Hogshead Brewery:

Hogshead I have likened to our own Jester King brewery in their passion and vigor for making a more rare style of beer. While Jester King focuses on farmhouse styles, Hogshead devots their time to English Style Cask Conditioned Ales. Because there is no filtration in this style, Hogshead focuses on maintaining the highest quality of ingredients and obsessive managing of the beer. The end result is delicious. Built in a repurposed gas station from the 50s, this brewery is literally in a neighborhood in the Slo-Hi area of Denver. This brewery is gorgeous and is sure to fulfill all your hipster fantasies about what breweries can be.

Prost Brewing:

Finally, we visited Prost Brewing. Prost specializes in lagers and is an advocate for lagers not only being a gateway beer but also just a good all around beer. Head brewer Bill Eye showed off his 80 barrel copper system while explaining the ins and outs of the craft beer industry and explaining the history and challenges of the brewing equipment he acquired from Breitengüßbach, Germany. Prost makes exclusively German style lagers and had a good showing of everything from a Pils to a Marzen. The atmosphere is part Oktoberfest, part bar and all around a good time.


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  1. I was on that tour too, sorry we didn’t officially met. Hope to meet again next time you are in Colorado!

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