Saint Arnold sets Divine Reserve no.12 release for July 31

Since 2005, Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewing Company has been releasing 1-2 single batch beers a year as part of the Divine Reserve Series.

Rather than an annual release of a single recipe, the series has featured an array of styles. For instance, in 2009, it was #9, the Imperial Pumpkin Stout, and last year’s release, #11, was a pretty damn mighty Double IPA.

The series has also included Barley Wines, Scotch Ales, Weizenbocks and Imperial Stouts over the years.

The latest release in this series, #12, is said to be an Old Ale.

Last week, the brew was previewed for a lucky few during The Feast of Saint Arnold, an annual charity beer dinner put on by the brewery in Houston. One Houston Chronicle reporterĀ  covering the event said the brew was “subtly sweet and deceptively smooth for a beer with an ABV in the 10-11 percent range.”

Divine Reserve #12 is scheduled to be released July 31, so be thinking about your morning bottle shop game plan now, especially if you live in Houston or Austin, where the race to get DR12 will surely be competitive.

Twitter has been a really useful tool over the last few years for tracking these releases. Try using the hashtag #DR12 to track this beer.


1 Comment on Saint Arnold sets Divine Reserve no.12 release for July 31

  1. DouglasEdwardFresh // August 1, 2012 at 3:19 am // Reply

    bitchbeer is right! cuz thats what I’m here to do, bitch about this beer. it’s already gone because this crummy company continues to place hype above all. instead of making enough for loyal fans with jobs, lives etc. they whip these mindless still wet behind the ears hopsters and opportunistic price gougers who could care less about anything other than making a fast buck into a frenzy about how “limited” and “special” it is and make sure these boneheads are the only ones than can get it.Scumsuckers who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in my neighborhood swoop in from their safe little burbs, leap out of their SUVs, snatch up as many as they can carry, disregarding the entirely bogus and unenforced “2 6 pack rule”, race back to their vehicle, quickly lock the doors and speed away, not to return until the next hyped up batch is presented, making certain no sensible beer drinker, or anyone without an Iphone shoved in their face at all times, and their nose planted firmly up the asscrack of twitter or facebook will ever get to try one. shame on St. Arsehole.

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