Dogfish Head Births Randall Jr., Makes Hilarious Infomercial, Whips it out at Off-Centered

He’s portable, adorable, and magically manages to make your beer taste even yummier. No, he’s not a genie, he’s Dogfish Head’s new Randall Jr.

Just like its big brother, Randall the Enamel Animal, the new lil’ guy has a chamber which allows you to infuse whole leaf hops, spices, herbs, fruit, etc. into your beer. However, Jr’s compact size makes this process faster and easier than ever before.

Check out this hilarious infomercial made by Sam & crew to announce the launch.

We had a chance to see Randall Jr. in action yesterday at the Off-Centered Film Festival shorts competition. Dogfish Head brews were infused with everything from cilantro to jalapenos to bacon. That’s right. Bacon.

I ordered my Randall Jr. today for $19.99 and can’t wait to make some magical concoctions.


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