Drink the Rainbow

So as many of you know this week is Spring Break in the ATX. This means that a little thing called South By Southwest (SXSW) has invaded the city. That means plenty of networking and free beer for the Bitch Beer girls. To those of you waiting with baited breath for our our Shiner/Blue Moon post, I regret to inform you that this will occur in true college-style procrastination, after the free beer and music has left our fair city. As proof of our shenanigans I offer up this photo of some of us hanging with the blue bread mascots from bre.ad.

So now to get down to brass tacks. As a fun kick off to spring break, a friend and I decided to build our own six pack of beer from our local Whole Foods Market. Per my first post, this is a great, cheap way to explore and figure out what beers you like in a low-risk setting. The great part about building your own is that you can try six different beers without committing to an entire six pack of one type of beer. The bad part is that it is hard to decide what to buy when you don’t know which beers to try.

Standing in front of a wall of beer, cardboard holder in hand, my cohort and I were baffled at where to start. Lager? Stout? Pilsner? Who knows. And even if you know what type of beer you like, standing in a cold refrigerated room can tend to bog up your mind. If you’re at all like me and my friend you would get overwhelmed and stand there like idiots freezing while people with real decision making skills come and go. Finally at the threat of frostbite, a plan was hatched. We would pick beers based on a theme, purely by the names.

This is  actually an old game my roommate and I would play when trying to pick wines. For months we only drank wine with baby animals on the labels or in the names. See Little Penguin.

For this beer excursion we finally decided to pick beers with colors in the name. In the end we got Red Seal, Hue Beer, Orange Blossom, Golden Monkey, Blue Heron, and Nut Brown Ale. It ended up being a great way to turn a normal happy hour into our own personal beer tasting. Picking beers at random also let us experience a range of beers and discover new brews we had never heard of before. For reference, I would highly recommend the Orange Blossom and Golden Monkey. In the end we got to “drink the rainbow” and expand our beer repertoires.

Here are some ideas for your own beer themes:

-Colors in the name



-All names start with the same letter

Reference: Some places to build your own six pack include Whole Foods Market, Kroger’s and select Liquor stores.

Get creative, get out there and try some new brews this Spring Break!


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