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Brooklyn Brewery Mash Hits Austin This Week

by Bitch Beer Blog in ATX Beer

The folks from Brooklyn Brewery return to Austin this week as part of their traveling celebration of beer and culture, The Brooklyn Brewery MASH. With a whole host of [...]

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"We'll just take one of everything, thanks!" @torst_nyc Dayummmmm #nofilter Lazy Sunday @blindtigeralehouse you saucy minx! Did not disappoint on our first afternoon in Nyc! A fantastic last stop in Philly! #cbc2016 @tiredhandsbrewing 😻😻😻😻 Lady beer drinkers of Austin are coming together today for the first Women's Beer Syndicate event at @thebrewandbrew/Companion. Fun & free craft beer samples til 3pm. Come on out! #craftbeer Happy 5th anniversary @austinbeerworks! Loving this El Sputniko. #craftbeer Congratulations to @realalebrewing on twenty years of beers! #craftbeer #cheers #anniversary Thanks to @jesterkingbrewery, @flooddistribution, Cantillon, @sideprojectbrew, @offcolorbrewing & @localoption for making dreams come true yesterday at "2015" Zwanze Day. #craftbeer #zwanzeday Zwanze Day bonus: @sideprojectbrew samples! @jesterkingbrewery πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ» "2015" Zwanze day at @jesterkingbrewery to celebrate Cantillon's official arrival in Texas. Let's do this! #craftbeer #cantillon #zwanze That moment when you realize you're down to your last @blueowlbrewing Little Boss in the fridge & you go through all the stages of grief. Denial:πŸ˜‘Anger:😑 Bargaining:πŸ€” Depression:😭 Acceptance [of a shitty situation]:πŸ’© #craftbeer #grief @shotgunfriday at @bigtxbeerfest singin' 🎀 Hell no, we won't go to Wal-Mart for beer. 🎀 A little #tbt action in honor of Cantillon finally distributing to Texas, starting with a delayed "2015" Zwanze Day coming up at @jesterkingbrewery. Photo taken during our trip to the brewery in Brussels last June. #craftbeer #cantillon 🍻 All aboard! πŸš‚ @bluebonnetbeer beer dinner with @greenhousefood on the @austinsteamtrain. Takin' in the Hill Country views and brews. #craftbeer Starting this beery day at @4thtap Grand Opening. Congrats, y'all! #craftbeer #austinbeer A liter of beer for each year. @thebrewandbrew #latergram #craftbeer

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